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Sunday, July 02, 2006

So this is my second attempt at a knitting blog. The first attempt, the very short lived and poorly kept chronicles of knit knerd, had wings for some time but eventually flew a little too close to the sun. (I implore you not to click that link, heh, it's really bad.) Anyway, I've decided to start fresh, with the promise that I will update this blog every day! Woo! Actually, I'll probably update marginally less than that. Once in a while. More than five times a year. Yeah! Knit spirit!

Since I'm in high school, and since the state of Connecticut does not require that you attend class over the summer, I have nothing to occupy my life this vacation except babysitting, reading, and knitting. That's good, considering I have tons of WIPs languishing in a forgotten corner in my room...and there are tons of knitting projects I really want to get to before summer is over. But for now, I'm going to work on blocking and seaming the pieces of my knit.1 plaid turtleneck before it gets too hot and sticky outside for the task to be (totally) disgusting. Pictures to come!


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