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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

in which corset pullover gets shafted once again

My Corset Pullover is sad.

( See, it's supposed to be frowning...umm, yeah. It's sad.)

Corset Pullover is sad, see, because he is realizing at this moment that we don't have a steady relationship. We started out spending almost all of our time together, when I was so enthralled by how colorful and intriguing he was compared to my last serious relationship, the knit.1 plaid turtleneck. But soon my enthusiasm tapered off, and I started eyeing other projects. Like, seriously eyeing other projects. Even starting some other projects on the side. Only when this side-dating disappointed or frustrated me did I return to Corset Pullover's unfinished pieces, and even when I did, he began to disappoint and frustrate me too--the uneven knitting on the front piece, the short row shaping on the shoulders which has, so far, prevented me from finishing the back after about a month...the nagging, mostly. I dunno, it just seems, no matter how much we get done, there's always so much to go...whether it be sleeves, or...sleeves...whatever. He needs to realize that I have needs, and some of those needs include instant gratification. In other words, a project without sleeves.

Enter Ms. Marigold.

Look at how smiley!

First of all, the color is a nice change of pace for me, since I don't own a lot of reddish things, but I've found that now that I've branched out into the 'red' area I've become kind of obsessed: every potential project I see seems to scream "DAMN I'D BE HOT IN RED." Which is distracting. Nevertheless, progress on this top is steady and fairly quick--this photo is a week old or so, I'm down to past where the piece connects in the round now. Hopefully it will be done before school starts, as Becca has given me a Project Runway-esque deadline for her birthday aka the first day of eew. I might have an in-progress modeling shot tomorrow.


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