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Friday, September 15, 2006

FO: zephyr style's ms. marigold

Pattern: Ms. Marigold, from the ladies at Zephyr Style
Yarn: Frog Tree Pima Silk (85% Pima Cotton, 15% Silk; 155 yds per 50 gram skein) 4 skeins.
Mods: Any modifications to the pattern were...unintentional. I got gauge with the Pima Silk on size 6s but thought the fabric was just too wimpy for my taste, so I went back down to the original size 5s, knitting the size 38" for a finished size 34." This decision was reached after some, as I've said, cock-eyed attempts at math (I'm a literature kid, okay?!) but surprisingly it fits fairly well.

Notes: This sweater was actually finished three weeks ago, the Tuesday night before school started, which I spent crocheting those little flutteries onto the armholes. Now, sixteen days later, I've worn it to school twice, and sometime even got the "wow, you knit that?" reaction from some friends and acquaintances who overheard me practically yell, "I TOTALLY FRIGGIN' KNIT THIS, BECCA," whenever someone asked me where I got it. So that was a highlight of an otherwise crappy day spent running around like an a-hole trying to sort out my schedule, and subsequently getting my Ms. Marigold all sweaty! Sigh. Actually, I haven't washed it yet, which is kind of disgusting. It also needs a good blocking because the awkward combinations of slouching in Bio, sprinting all the way across the school to my locker between each period, slouching in English, sleeping in Study Hall (not really) and slouching in Math, Social Studies, ET AL, etcetera, etcetera, left these funny creases underneath the bust and above the ribbing. (I may be a hormonal teenager who is self-conscious about her body but I KNOW that I do not yet have saggy boobs or a beer belly.)

Sorry, the pictures are not the greatest. I literally have about 80 versions of the above photo on my camera's memory card, all in varying positions, hues, shades, and levels of bluriness, some of which I tried to brighten (didn't work) and crop out my exhausted "after school" face featuring smudged lip gloss, flat hair, and chin dimple. (It's seasonal, I swear.) These are the cream of a crop that would make nary a cornmaze. SHAME.

Anyways, as for the yarn...I love the color. Love, love, LOVE the color. Which was pretty much the reason I bought it, besides the fact that it was fairly cheap, soft, and the first thing I found that might work for this pattern (I bought it while on family vacation on Cape Cod, and two sisters waiting outside the yarn store = minimal yarn-fondling time.) Working with it was not an unpleasant experience; actually, it would be one of my favorites, if it didn't split so freaking much. I really had to fagiggle the yarn in all directions, during every stitch, to make sure I wasn't leaving fibers behind. And that was just knitting--crocheting was a nightmare, I swear, this yarn is splitty like a mutha. Which is a shame, because the resulting fabric is really soft and silky, passing even Mom's picky "eew I don't care if that's warm I am not wearing that next to my skin" standards.

Holy synthetic English batman, is fagiggle even a word?!?!

Verdict: I like it! I can see this getting a lot of wear in nicer weather; I picked a bad time to finish it because it's just starting to get cold out.

P.S: Like the shirt I'm wearing underneath it? $2.99 at Urban Behavior. Wee! What's the word? Umm, umm, umm....STEAL.


Blogger carrie said...

it looks fantastic! and of course you don't have a beer belly or any sagging. don't be ridiculous!

11:16 AM  
Blogger Crow Jane said...

Your Ms Marigold is gorgeous and the colour is extremely flattering on you. Well done! Now I think I am off to zephyrstyle, just to browse...

5:15 AM  

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