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Friday, October 06, 2006

in which amanda gives up on learning french knitting abbreviations

Phildar knitting magazines and their enticing French untouchable-ness are surely no secret in the knitblogging world; not only are the patterns within so hip, flattering, and up-to-date, but they're also almost universally difficult to come by in the US in any language but French. (Pardon my high-school world history paper voice, I'm currently writing a high school world history paper). The new (fall #2 and winter) Phildar is especially nifty, methinks. I was going to spend some time with a cheap, unreliable internet translating site to try and order some of the French mags from the French phildar site, possibly while eating some salad with French dressing, and then, when receiving the French package, returning to said translator (and my friend Emily, who is French) to try and knit the pattern from the original (French) version. But thankfully my laziness is going to be rewarded once again by the prominence of the English language, because phildar has launched their new English .com! Unfortunately only English versions of the magazines are available there, because the winter one which I love so very much is only published in French, apparently.

These are two of my favorites; the left is found in fall #2 (available from the English phildar site!) and the other is from the winter issue (only available in untouchable inscrutable French). I have to say I love them both dearly and will probably pop an order in for the fall mag soon, but the actual knitting is going to have to wait because I've been making actual progress on another project! I'll take a picture of what I have done so far soon...ish, but the knit in question is Bonne Marie Burns' gorgeous new pattern, Ariann. I love it. And it's knit in one piece. Double love. The only downside so far is that the rows are hella long, 176 stitches each, but the pattern goes by quickly and is quite enjoyable. Right now I'm stalling now because of buttonhole-induced-anxiety, but once that's taken care of everything should be plain sailing.


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OOH Thanks for sharing the link. That military coat is great!

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