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Monday, November 06, 2006

FO: hourglass sweater

Pattern: Hourglass Sweater from Last Minute Knitted Gifts by Joelle Hoverson
Yarn: Cascade 220 (100% Peruvian Wool) spruce, 5 skeins
Mods: Unintentionally lengthened the sleeves (read wrong size bracket--D'OH)

I'm almost slightly embarassed to be putting this up here, because, after all, I finished it last January, and have never gotten around to taking pictures of it until now, since the weather's gettin' colder 'n that. But it kind of deserves to be posted, as it was the first wearable sweater I ever knitted, and I still love love love it (its soo warm and cozy)...and so, has put up with a lot. (And still hasn't been washed. Eeeeew.)

It would probably be more appropriate to call this sweater "MIDTERM SWEATER" or"FOUR DAYS IN THE BOWELS OF HELL, WHICH LOOKS SUSPICIOUSLY LIKE THE CHS CAFETERIA"because it was this sweater that I puttered away on while waiting 2 hours+ in my high school's cafe (why do they call it a cafe? who are they trying to fool here?) during my first exams last year. Occaisonally I also took it out during the tests themselves, if I happened to finish early (and by finish early, I mean, if I had rigged up a seriesof mirrors to reflect the answers of the kid behind me onto the reflective surface of the iPod I definitely didn't have in my bag *subtle wink*) However, whenever I did take it out in class, my buddy Alexa would arch her eyebrows and give me a "WTF are you doing" look, which, of course, was exactly why I took it out in the first place. And then Dr. A made her move to the other side of the room because she was laughing too much. Crazykidsthesedays.

So, perhaps, this sweater should be called "Alexa's WTF Face."

SIZE NOTES: While I love this sweater (and this pattern) to bits and pieces I have to say the sizing is a little wonky--it goes right from a 33" to a 37", and, while I'm not that great at fuzzy math learnin,' even I can tell that's a big difference. Because I was petrified of making (and spending all of $40 on, God forbid) something that was too small, I automatically sized up, even though I'm only a 34 bust. Too much information, I know, but still. So the sweater is a little roomy. Not roomy enough to fit another person in, but I probably could've gotten away with a smaller size. Just lettin ya know. So if I ever make it again, or if anyone out there wants to make it...size down, definitely.

KNITTY MOMENT: Ethan trying to get me to teach him to knit "for manly fishing purposes!"; giving up after one demonstrated stitch; resorting to job of official "Yarn Holder" for rest of the 2 hours the four of us cool kids were waiting around the cafeteria. He did a crap job, btw.

Bonus pictures (because Blogger hates me, apparently).